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CIPRAD (Continuing Information Property Reports And Database)
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Todays CIP Software Environment
  • Network owners want On-Line Hosted Services to Access Drawings & Data
    • ✔ CIPRAD is a Next Generation Enterprise Solution Integrated SQL Database, Browser Based, On-Line Hosted data stored/accessed in the cloud.
      • SQL allows storage of spatial objects
      • Hosted Services Architecture (stored in the cloud)
      • Open source viewer
      • Removes communications barrier between Engineering, Accounting & Administration
  • Software is used by varying levels of technically competent personnel
    • ✔ CIPRAD provides a Photo Glossary Reference of actual in-field conditions through simple point and click friendly user interface. CIPRAD → Software for assets from Plant to Network Interface Device (NID).
  • Clients do not want to pay large software package purchase prices followed by annual support/maintenance and upgrade costs.
    • ✔ The monthly on-line hosted services option is a low cost easy method to support the network and the data can be brought in-house at any time.
Highlights of Network Management and Tracking Software
  • Clients want the software vendor to be more than a reseller of software and part of the network management team.
    • ✔ CGC has experience managing a network, engineering, design and regulations understanding. Communications Consulting Services (CCS), the Telecom Division of CGC, developed the software in 1998 [COPYRIGHT 10/6/98]
  • State Utility Commission pushing for CPR capabilities/Public Service Commission conducting field audits.
    • ✔ CIPRAD is more than Fiber Management software → combines network management capabilities with Continuing Property Records (CPR) needed for regulatory and financial accounting reporting.
  • Clients do not want to be forced into buying “take it as it comes” off-the shelf canned software.
    • ✔ CIPRAD is completely customizable to the client’s needs to look and present information the way the client wants it. The software can easily be integrated with Customer Information System (CIS), Billing, and existing accounting software.
  • Clients capabilities and resources vary including the amount of time to invest in daily operations and therefore want options for the vendor to supplement staff in maintaining the software.
    • ✔ The client has options of handling as much or as little of the day-to-day maintenance.
  • Private and public sector clients use different design and drawing software and therefore the software vendor must be able to convert and reformat drawings received.
    • ✔ We work with all types of mapping software (AutoCAD, GIS, CadTel, MapCom, etc.)
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